Erie Locksmith Store Transponder Key Programming Erie, CO


Erie Locksmith Store Erie, CO 303-357-8338The spike in car thefts between the 1970s and 1990s pushed the automotive industry to redefine the security measures installed in vehicles. Evidently, the mechanical lock & key systems weren’t doing a great job at keeping the vehicles safe. Most keys could be copied easily and even with no keys, the vehicles could easily be hotwired. To prevent all that, in 1995, a new piece of tech was introduced that managed to revolutionize vehicle security – the transponder keys.

What are they?

On the outside, the keys might look like ordinary, everyday objects, but on the inside, they carry a microchip as well. While the blade has to be cut precisely for it to turn in the ignition lock, the chip is what allows the vehicle to start. When the transponder key programming is carried out right, the chip sends out a uniquely coded signal to the vehicle, which is then cross-verified. Upon authentication, the immobilizer is disarmed and the engine is brought to life. The advantages include:

  • The key blade’s intricacy makes duplication quite difficult
  • Vehicles cannot be hotwired
  • The chip must be programmed precisely and hence, cannot be reproduced easily
  • Bolsters vehicle security and reduces possibility of theft

Who can program transponder keys?

Generally, transponder key programming requires specialized computer machinery and extensive technical agility to code the chip to the requisite configuration. Your dealership will be able to do this for you. However, owing to the technology used and the expertise needed, the job might not come at a cheap price. Alternatively, you can hire Erie Locksmith Store – a locksmithing firm with a special team of auto locksmiths, who have in-depth knowledge on transponder key tech and can provide replacements/repairs/reprogramming.


  • Repair:

    Sometimes, a faulty chip or physical damage may cause your key to malfunction. Our technicians can examine the key, and attempt to salvage it without making a new one from scratch.

  • Replace:​

    In case you’ve lost the keys, we can carry out transponder key programming on a new chip and ensure that it works with your vehicle. Replacement doesn’t take us more than an hour.

  • Reconfigure:​

    In case your key is stolen, you simply cannot dismiss it and operate your vehicle with a spare. There’s a high chance the stolen key could be used on your car. Our experts can wipe out old key information and reconfigure the system so that it answers to a new key.

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