Erie Locksmith Store Emergency Locksmith Opening 24 Hr Erie, CO


After a long day at work, all you look forward to is your comfortable bed – but fate has other plans. You reach into your pockets to pull out your car keys and to your dismay; you find that they’re missing. Being quite diminutive in size, finding your lost key is a nearly impossible feat. So, what do you do? Who could help you after business hours? What you need is a firm that provides emergency locksmith opening 24 hr service. If you live in the Erie, CO area, luckily, you’ve got Erie Locksmith Store to redeem you from such stressful emergencies.

What makes us unique?

  • Erie Locksmith Store Erie, CO 303-357-8338Our 24/7 availability
  • Team of expert locksmiths
  • We can unlock any locks of any model or make
  • Rapid response time of 15-20 minutes
  • Strong presence across Erie, CO
  • Flat rates, zero added charges
  • Can be relied upon during emergencies
  • Non-destructive opening
  • We work on all days, including holidays

Our unlocking solutions:

Locked out of your home? Unable to access your safe? Our emergency locksmith opening 24 hr service provides solutions that can unlock just about any door or any type of lock. Here are a few:

  • Entry doors: Have the entry doors to your home/office shut themselves out? Don’t worry, we can get the doors opened and restore access in no time.
  • Safes: Safes are designed to be impenetrable but there’s no safe that our technicians can’t get through. We can unlock your safe using the least-destructive approach. 
  • Cars: Vehicles are armed with locks that are different than those installed in homes/offices. We can work our way around them and open the locks up.
  • File cabinets: Have you lost the key to the cabinet? We can unlock cabinets as well, and ensure that the cabinets are usable once we’re through.
  • Car trunks: It’s not easy to unlock trunks; one wrong move and the alarms are set off, and the trunk release would no longer work. Leave it to the 24 hr emergency locksmith opening experts.

Don’t find what you’re looking for on this list? Call us and enquire; we’ll be able to unlock it anyway!

Post-opening service:

What happens after the unlocking? Suppose the lockout was caused due to a missing key; wouldn’t you need a new key for access thereafter? Our emergency locksmith opening 24  hr  service isn’t restricted to unlocking alone, but we ensure that we provide the necessary services thereafter; from making keys, to fixing locks, to resetting safes and more.

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